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Outdoor learning and unique experiences at Moulsecoomb Primary.



To embed local environmental education, local natural history and local human history into our curriculum along with sustainability, climate change and the wider environment, Allowing our pupils and the wider community to develop a love for the outdoors and learn about and develop skills and understanding of how to address local and global challenges.

Our School environment.

One of the things that makes this a specilal place to learn is firstly our amazing grounds, which allow us to provide unique and high quality learning experiences and activities which go beyond what is required by the National curriculum and are rooted in our love for outdoor learning and our local area. Our grounds offer 

  • A neolithic house
  • An iron age housePlanting 9
  • A medieval house
  • A WW2 air raid shelter
  • A raingarden
  • A world garden
  • An orchard and pond
  • A forest school area
  • A fairy tale forest
  • And chickens!

Secondly, our school is situated on the edge of the South downs National Park, allowing us to engage with the parks special qualities and natural areas. 

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