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Nursery Wilma Rudolph Class


Nursery Wilma Rudolph

Goodbye Nursery Class 2020!

Although our year together was short, we loved getting to know you all. You have learnt so much and developed some wonderful friendships.  As we are unable to have an end of Nursery celebration together, here is a little slideshow of all that you have achieved this year, set to your favourite tune - whenever we hear it, we think of you all dancing together around the room! Take care and we'll see you all at 'big school'!

Love from Mrs.Hodge, Mrs. McEwen, Mrs. Bristow and Lynn



Disaster has struck the Nursery! We made our own Gingerbread men and popped them into the oven. Whilst they were baking we went to the gym for P.E.

Shock! Horror!

On return we found that the Gingerbread Men had escaped! We searched the school and made lost posters in case anyone found them. We even captured the escape on CCTV!


Chick inspiration! The writing, drawing, learning of new vocabulary, developing a sense of time using a numberline , sequencing skills, observing change in nature and learning about other’s needs has enhanced our children’s learning. Big thanks to Mark and Warren for facilitating this opportunity.

The arrival of some chicken eggs from Mark our Chicken Therapist is having a key influence on children’s learning across all areas of the EYFS curriculum.  They are embracing the important task of monitoring the temperature and humidity; observing their development and taking care of eggs before returning to Mark and the local farm.

Excitement and joy has erupted in school! Children have been watching with awe and wonder as the first of the chicks hatched followed by her brothers and sisters. Mark will then take the chicks to our own school chicken coop and to a farm to live out their lives happily.  


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